Paul Madden

Project Lead

Paul joined the IIJ in 2022 as Project Lead for CT PHARE – Platform for Human Rights Engagement where he oversees the design and implementation of the CT PHARE project activities. Prior to joining the IIJ, Paul was a member of An Garda Síochána (Irish National Police) with over 30 years’ experience at senior leadership and management level within the criminal justice sector, law enforcement, intelligence fields, investigations into organized crime, counter-terrorism, and on security sector reform across the political and technical process of improving state, and human security by making security provision, management, and oversight more effective and more accountable. Paul was seconded by the Irish Government on several deployments during his police career, and has worked in Bosnia Herzegovina, Afghanistan, and most recently in Iraq as Head of Operations with the EU Advisory Mission on Security Sector Reform. Paul holds a Masters in Terrorism Studies and Political Violence from the University St. Andrews, Scotland.   

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