About the Programmatic Unit

The Programmatic Unit leads the design and delivery of short-form capacity-building workshops addressing specific and emerging threats and challenges in the counter-terrorism and rule of law fields.

Structured under the Core Initiatives & Workstreams, the workshops build the skills and capacity criminal justice practitioners need to address the challenges they face in their daily work in an evolving terrorism landscape.

Workshop curricula are developed and tailored for our practitioners’ contexts and in line with our Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy. Through case studies and hypothetical exercises, practitioners are able to practice applying the skills they have learned, supported by the IIJ’s peer-to-peer learning environment for sustainable impact.


Hear from our Alumni

Alumni of IIJ capacity-building courses and workshops hail from more than 123 countries. They include policymakers, intelligence officials, prosecutors, judges, investigating magistrates, defence counsel, prison and corrections officials, and other stakeholders. The IIJ’s peer-to-peer training environment ensures that practitioners who complete an IIJ course or workshop not only develop skills relevant to their national and regional contexts, but benefit from a network of practitioner colleagues facing similar challenges and opportunities in their daily work.

Tailored & Practical

Capacity-building workshops under the Core Initiatives & Workstreams are tailored to national and regional contexts, prioritising the practical application of skills and good practices to the real-world challenges facing the criminal justice practitioners we serve.

International Frameworks

The Core Initiatives & Workstreams support implementation and operationalisation of relevant GCTF good practices and tools, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and relevant UN Security Council Resolutions, and other regional and international frameworks.

Flexible & Sustainable

During the COVID-19 global health pandemic, the Programmatic Unit redesigned and tailored its in-person curricula for effective and sustainable skills development through a range of online platforms best suited to practitioner needs.