Adriana Fenech

Senior Financial Officer

Adriana Fenech has been appointed as the IIJ Financial Officer since April 2016, she has seen the organisation grow has adapted to the needs of the IIJ as it evolved over the years. Ms Fenech brings on board years of managerial knowledge, particularly in accounting and finance. Prior to her appointment at the IIJ, she held positions within the private sector as consultant and financial manager as well as senior positions at the Ernst and Young and National Audit Office in Malta.

Adriana graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) degree from the University of Malta in 2001 (MQF Level 7) and later became a Certified Public Accountant and also obtained a Practicing Certificate in Auditing. Her work experience has seen her undertake a variety of responsibilities ranging from setup, management and coordination of quality systems, to planning, managing and reporting on numerous public-sector system audits.

Ms Fenech manages the IIJ financial function including IIJ annual budgets and individual donor budgets, she also liaises with the IIJ auditors and manages all aspects of the audit, she also manages the financial reporting of the IIJ.

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