Harnessing Expertise

Identifying and harnessing subject-matter and regional expertise, and integrating real world challenges and practitioner experiences into our training curricula, are key priorities across the IIJ’s capacity-building activities.

The IIJ Advisory Board and IIJ Expert Roster, both established and launched in 2019, are essential platforms through which we are further enriching and tailoring our training curricula, and expanding our networks.

Harnessing this expertise and experience not only benefits the criminal justice practitioners who take part in our programmes and who access our practitioner tools, but the broader counter-terrorism and rule of law communities in which we work.

With a world-class Advisory Board and an expanding roster of subject-matter experts and practitioners ready to support our capacity-building objectives, the IIJ is harnessing expertise to enrich our curricula and deliver impactful and sustainable programmes through our effective peer-to-peer learning environment.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides non-binding advice to the Executive Secretariat on programming, implementation and partnerships. Members are invited to join the board based on their extensive subject-matter expertise, research or practitioner experience, and regional engagement.

From partnering with the IIJ on specific projects, to supporting the development of capacity-building curricula, to identifying opportunities to leverage research and other networks for enhancing regional and international engagement, the IIJ’s impressive Advisory Board plays an invaluable role in supporting the IIJ mission.


Prof. Rohan Gunaratna

Addressing Homegrown Terrorism in Southeast and South Asia

Prof. Rohan Gunaratna recently worked with our Programmatic Unit to support the design and delivery of a workshop with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, media practitioners and civil society actors from seven countries across South and Southeast Asia. The workshop was the fifth in a series under the IIJ Addressing Homegrown Terrorism Initiative, with a specific focus on the response to terrorists attacks in the regions.

Drawing on Rohan’s extensive networks in the regions and his subject-matter expertise, the IIJ was able to ensure that the workshop was fully tailored to the practitioners who attended the workshop and the challenges and opportunities they have in addressing homegrown terrorism. During the workshop, Rohan shared his extensive counter-terrorism experience with workshop participants by serving as both a presenter and moderator.

Expert Roster

In addition to the Advisory Board, the IIJ maintains a roster of subject-matter experts to further enrich the design and implementation of our capacity-building activities. This extensive network of practitioners and consultants supports the IIJ’s priority focus on designing curricula tailored to the needs of practitioners in its geographic focus regions.

The Expert Roster includes multilingual, experienced criminal justice practitioners from common law, civil law and hybrid systems. Our expanding roster of practitioners is an invaluable resource, enriching the IIJ’s dynamic peer to peer learning environment, and supporting the sustainable impact of our capacity-building.