IIJ RFTFs Initiative: Rehabilitating and Reintegrating TFs/RFTFs – Third Mali Workshop

25 - 27 September 2019
Bamako, Mali

In September 2019, the IIJ convened a workshop on National Policy and Interagency Cooperation in Bamako, Mali. The workshop brought together judges, prosecutors, investigators, correction officers, gendarmerie, social workers and religious leaders from various organisations in Mali.


The workshop was part of a Government of the Netherlands-funded project on Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Terrorist Offenders in Mali and Chad, under the auspices of the IIJ RFTFs Initiative. In both countries, the IIJ is convening in parallel three capacity-building workshops with a focus on developing recommendations for amending the respective national CVE policies to include the rehabilitation and reintegration (R&R) of terrorist fighters. A final joint Mali-Chad workshop will be held in Malta in February 2020, at which representatives from both countries will present their recommendations. The project is supporting implementation of the key R&R recommendations articulated in the GCTF's Addendum to The Hague – Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon, with a focus on Returning FTFs.

During the September workshop, members of the Malian drafting committee engaged in in-depth discussions and group exercises to establish a timeline and strategy for transcribing the core recommendations in The Hague-Marrakech Addendum into Mali’s National CVE Policy.


For more information on this workshop or the IIJ RFTFs Initiative, please contact Director, Programmatic Unit, Gail Malone.

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