IIJ Investigations Initiative: Counter-Terrorism Strategy Development and Multi-Agency
Investigation Capacity-Building in Malawi – Evaluation Workshop

6 - 7 February 2023
Lilongwe, Malawi

The International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ) was pleased to organise this workshop in collaboration with the British High Commission (BHC).

It aimed to support the implementation of the recommendations issued in 2022 in relation to the development of the counter-terrorism strategy in the country, through monitoring and evaluation of the participants’ utilisation and effectiveness of techniques learned from previous training in the workplace.
Malawian law enforcement practitioners were engaged in discussions on applying systematic investigative techniques to counter-terrorism, the facilitation of inter-agency cooperation, and the incorporation of intelligence to develop and support evidential investigation and effective prosecution while projecting investigative capability across Malawi in order to prevent, detect and deal with terrorist and criminal threats.

Following the workshop, participants agreed on:
i. Develop an awareness of joint work between UNODC and the Malawi government in developing a national CT strategy. Participants agreed to take an active part in forthcoming regional practitioner workshops as part of the consultation and development process. A UNODC representative was present for contextual discussions in respect of current terrorism threats and challenges in developing an effective counter-terrorism response.
ii. Arrange quarterly follow-up meetings to maintain the engagement amongst participants initially trained together and further develop inter-agency information sharing and working.
iii. Develop training and information-sharing opportunities with neighbouring countries within the region to seek out good practices to adopt in Malawi.

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