IIJ Battlefield Evidence Workstream: Meeting on Battlefield Evidence from Afghanistan and Beyond

8 - 9 September 2022
Valletta, Malta

In September 2022, the IIJ welcomed 45 practitioners and policymakers from the United States and European Government agencies, EU institutions and select multilateral institutions for a meeting on Battlefield Evidence from Afghanistan and Beyond, held with support from the Government of the United States.

Participants gathered at IIJ headquarters in Malta to reflect on lessons gained through the past 20 years of experience in Afghanistan, as well as in the Iraq/Syria context and elsewhere, for how battlefield evidence can most effectively be collected, stored, exploited, shared and used in a range of contexts going forward. The deep expertise participants shared will inform how the IIJ’s future work on battlefield evidence will continue promoting countries’ ability to use battlefield evidence to support border security operations & civilian prosecution in compliance with the rule of law. Going forward, the IIJ will hold a series of Trends Dialogues to identify high-priority areas for improvement across the entire battlefield evidence “life cycle” to be addressed in more focused follow-on Technical Workshops.

For more information, please contact Programme Manager Winthrop Wells.

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